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Do you have an old Bench Warrant issued by Long Beach or a Los
Angeles California Superior Court?
 Attorney Matthew Ruff can get it
recalled and cleared.  Clearing an old arrest warrant can release holds on
your drivers license, avoid arrest and jail time, remove blemishes on your
criminal record and allow you to obtain governmental assistance such as
social security disability.

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Our Lawyers can go to Court for you in many cases to get the failure to
appear quashed.  A Bench Warrant is a judicial order commanding law
enforcement to arrest and jail a person who fails to obey the orders of the
Court.  Typical examples of why a warrant can be issued include:  The
failure of a criminal defendant to appear in Court (FTA); Disobedience of
orders to pay fines and fees; Not complying with terms of probation such as
community service, Caltrans, and counseling programs.

Once a Bench Warrant is ordered it goes into a database available to all
police agencies.  If the police stop a person with a warrant they will run a
record check which will invariably lead to the individual being taken into
custody.  Bail will be set and the jailer will hold the person until they can be
brought to the Judge that ordered their arrest.  There is an alternative, a
lawyer can be retained to clear the bench warrant and avoid an embarrassing

An arrest warrant can often linger for years before it is discovered and acted
upon.  One common question asked of those who have a warrant for arrest
hanging over their head is:  Doesn't a statute of limitations apply and nullify
an outstanding bench warrant?  The answer to this question is generally no.  
The reason that the statute of limitations does not eliminate an old warrant is
due to the fact that most are issued because the person was convicted
already and placed on probation.  Once an adjudication of a criminal case
has occurred then the SOL no longer is applicable.  In cases where the
suspect is never arrested or convicted but a criminal complaint was filed by
the District Attorney, there is a potential legal defense that can be asserted
called the " violation of speedy trial rights", however, this is a very
complicated motion and is only meritorious in very specific cases.  A lawyer
should be consulted to determine if the law can be used in their specific case.

Examples of Actual Case Results

Our Lawyer was hired by a client who had an outstanding bench warrant in
Long Beach Court for a very old drug possession charge.  The warrant was
causing a denial of social security benefits.  The client lived outside the state
of California and travel was a definite problem.  Our
Long Beach Criminal
Attorney got involved and was able to get into Court and speak with the
Judge and D.A., thereafter the case was dismissed and all holds were

Our client had an old warrant for a drunk driving charge.  The client never
appeared in Court.  Our
Long Beach DUI Lawyer was able to appear in
Court and recall the warrant.  The client was then able to have his drivers
license restored and have all holds released by the DMV.  We resolve old
bench warrants throughout Los Angeles County including
Manhattan Beach
DUI cases, Hermosa Beach Drunk Driving failures to appear, El Segundo
DUI missed Court dates resulting in a court issued warrant for your arrest.

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matter, we can help, call us toll free 1-877-212-2090.

Contrary to popular belief, a criminal case where a warrant has been issued
has no statute of limitations.

A bench warrant issued by a Judge will remain active forever.  The warrant
will result in drivers license holds  and sometimes tax withholding and lottery
winnings.  Even those that live outside California can have their license
suspended by the DMV.

Our Bench Warrant recall lawyers can get your situation cleared up and
allow you to sleep at night.

If you are staying awake at night dreading being arrested due to an old
bench warrant or probation violation, call Top Long Beach Bench Warrant
Recall Attorney Matthew Ruff, he can go to Court and get it cleared up!

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