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Arrested for a DUI in Redondo Beach? Matt can Help.  Attorney
Matthew Ruff has personally defended hundreds of cases in Redondo Beach
Court, in Torrance.  We have a local office in the South Bay and we know
the prosecutors and Judges that will be handling your individual case.  No
one has a better success rate on DUI cases, no one.  We fight the criminal
charge and the DMV license suspension and leave no stone unturned in order
to get your driving under the influence (VC 23152) charges dropped or

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It is well known that the police in Redondo Beach are vigilant about stopping
and arresting suspected DUI drivers within the city limits.  DUI enforcement
in the city is a top priority for law enforcement and therefore every year
thousands of visitors and residents alike are criminally charged with driving
under the influence of alcohol or drugs such as marijuana (DUID).  Top
Redondo Beach DUI Lawyer Matthew Ruff fights and wins these cases
because he knows the science, he knows the law and he knows how the
officers are trained to catch their mistakes,

A DUI arrest can be a very intimidating experience for most people.  The
incarceration and immediate loss of your drivers license can leave many in a
state of "shell shock" with constant worry and fear of what the future may
hold.  Redondo Beach DUI Attorney, Criminal Defense Lawyer Matthew J.
Ruff has defended thousands of DUI and other criminal charges and he can
help guide you through this difficult time in your life.

Aside from the Court aspect of the case, another element of the arrest is the
DMV license suspension proceedings brought by the California Department
of Motor Vehicles.  Pursuant to state law, the Redondo Beach Police
Department must transmit  notification of the DUI arrest to the DMV at
which time a file is opened with the goal of suspending the offender's license
anywhere from 4 months up to 3 years.  It is imperative to contact an
attorney and request a DMV hearing to challenge this suspension within 10
days of the time of arrest.  Failure to do this will result in the suspension
becoming final with no mechanism to challenge it in any way within the
DMV.   A Redondo Beach DUI Attorney can take care of all that is required
to save your license following a drunk driving accusation.

In addition to DUI, our Redondo Beach criminal defense attorney fights
accusations of hit and run associated with driving under the influence
offenses, as well as drug possession and allegations of driving while
intoxicated by the use of drugs such as marijuana, prescription medications
and all other controlled substances.  

All criminal charges in Redondo Beach are prosecuted in the Torrance Court
on Maple Avenue.  The cases are heard in Division 5 , unless the case is a
felony whereupon it would be transferred to Division 4 for preliminary
hearing.  A Redondo Beach Criminal Defense Attorney can offer specific
legal advise regarding the accused person's legal rights and explain available
defenses as well as how violations of various constitutional rights may
influence the outcome of a given case.

How Do You Fight a Breath Test?  Breath testing involves the analysis of
microscopic amounts of alcohol therefore it is critical that everything be done
with precision and pursuant to official standards set forth in the regulatory
requirements of California law.  Because small variances in procedures can
produce false results, matt scrutinizes the administration of the test in every
case and can often find mistakes made by the cop.  He also looks for
violations of Constitutional Rights.

For example, in one very recent case attorney Ruff was hired by an out of
state resident after he picked up a DUI case in Redondo Beach.  The client
blew a .17% on the breathalyzer and was concerned and worried about how
the charge would affect his license and criminal record.  Matthew
immediately took steps to obtain the relevant reports and records relating to
the breath test.  In reviewing these documents it became apparent that our
client's rights may have been violated in regards to the stop of his vehicle.  
Redondo Beach Attorney Matthew Ruff filed a motion in Court challenging
the DUI arrest and as a result the entire case was thrown out after Mr. Ruff
convinced the Judge that there was insufficient probable cause to pull our
client over.  What made this victory even sweeter was the fact that our client
never had to appear in Court at all.

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One prominent area of attack in any case is the police obtained blood test
that is collected by law enforcement and its agents.  In Redondo Beach, this
is sometimes done by a "traveling phlebotemist"  that works for the South
Bay DUI Task Force.  This collection can be done on the roadside, in a tent
at a checkpoint or at the station depending on the circumstances of arrest.  
Our Law Firm has a rich background in challenging these blood draws on
both scientific and legal grounds.

In one recent case Matt defended a Pilot arrested for DWI by RBPD.  Matt
knew he had to beat the case because his career was on the line.  Matt drilled
down into the evidence and found numerous mistakes.  He used these errors
as a basis to obtain an acquittal of the charges in Court and later to get a SET
ASIDE of the license suspension thus sparing the client from mandatory loss
of his pilot's license.

Redondo Beach Police Department uses a Datamaster breath machine to
check blood alcohol levels.  Interestingly, this device can be challenged,
particularly in low BAC cases.  The attorney is very proficient in attacking
the machine and getting breath test results thrown out in Court.

The DMV consequences after a DUI arrest in Redondo Beach also need to
be considered.  A DMV hearing must be requested immediately, you simply
cannot wait until you go to Court in order to save your drivers license.  
Redondo Beach DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff maintains a stellar track record
at DMV proceedings for his clients, for example in one recent case he
represented a client stopped and arrested near King Harbor.  Unfortunately,
the officer put down that the client refused to submit to a chemical test even
though he took the breath test in the field.  At the DMV hearing the attorney
persuaded the department to return the driving privilege and set aside the
mandatory one year suspension.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in Redondo Beach, our Law firm can
help.  We can ensure that your rights are protected and all avenues are
aggressively pursued to get you case dismissed whenever possible.

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Matthew is a member of the National College of DUI Defense, he is
recognized as one of the 10 BEST ATTORNEYS IN CALIFORNIA and
enjoys 5 Star Ratings on Yelp and other Social Media.

In recent times the city of Redondo Beach has cracked down on drunk
driving charges and has implemented stiff policies and harsh penalties for
those convicted of driving while intoxicated.  At the same time, Matthew
Ruff has ramped up his efforts to ensure that the police respect the rights of
his clients and act honestly when investigating DUI related incidents within
the city.  If you know someone charged with DWI, call him today for a case
evaluation to determine whether your license can be saved and to help keep
the arrest from evolving into a conviction in Court.

The Importance of Regulation in the Collection of DUI Blood Vials:
Many factors impact the scientific integrity of a blood sample in drunk
driving cases.  Among those are the manner in which the sample is collected,
the safeguards against specimen tampering during the collection, the accurate
identification of the blood vial, and the documentation of proper chain of
custody.  Under CA State law the "integrity of the sample must be
maintained" throughout the collection, analysis and reporting of the results.  
This mandate is required by Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations.  
Matt knows the regs and can find problems and failures in the testing
process.  If you submitted to a blood test in your case consult with matt to
discuss the possible ways the case can be challenged,

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