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The lead criminal defense attorney in our firm, Matthew Ruff,  is a seasoned
criminal defense professional,  with nearly 20 years of actual, day in and day
out experience in the courtroom, he is "A+" rated by the Better Business
Bureau and rated  "superb" by AVVO, the nation's largest attorney rating
service and practices criminal defense exclusively.  There is no question that
a Long Beach Criminal Lawyer can be beneficial in obtaining the best
disposition, particularly when yours or a loved one's future is at stake.

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Aside from years of private criminal defense background and personally
handling well over 5000 cases, Mr. Ruff has the benefit of having previously
worked inside a District Attorney's Office thereby giving his clients the
advantage of knowing the system from the prosecutorial perspective.  He
also maintains excellent relationships with all Judges he appears in front of.  
In addition, keeps abreast of all political issues and topics relating to the
criminal justice system, he understands how each case is viewed by those
involved. To put it succinctly, he knows the system from the inside out.  

If you have had the misfortune of being arrested in Long Beach, Signal Hill,
San Pedro, or Harbor City, you cannot blindly trust that the system will be
fair to your situation.  Trusting your freedom to "the goodness" of a District
Attorney, or the hope that a Judge will be sympathetic is not enough.  

Matthew has tried numerous criminal cases in front of juries in the Long
Beach Court.  He has a remarkable success rate of jury trials which include
3 not guilty jury verdicts for DUI cases in the last 5 years.  He also has a
excellent acquittal rate on domestic violence cases, the last one of which
came down "not gulty" on PC 273.5 spousal abuse,  "not guilty" on PC 422
criminal threats and "not guilty" on PC243e1 domestic battery.  

Matthew Ruff has written countless legal articles, on topics such as:
California Three Strikes Law, DUI Breath Test Issues, Search and Arrest,
Bench warrant recall, Domestic Violence Evidentiary Issues and
Expungement of Criminal convictions.  Unlike many other attorneys
practicing in the Long Beach Court, Matthew resides in the Long Beach area
giving us the true "local advantage" when defending your Los Angeles
County case.    

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Our Long Beach CA Criminal Defense Firm provides services in the areas
of: Domestic Violence Defense, Criminal Defense, Probation Violations,
Driving Under The Influence, DUI, DWI, Domestic Violence, Petty Theft,
Grand Theft, Hit and Run, DMV Hearings, Commercial Driving Offense,
Warrant and Probation violations, Stalking, Lewd Acts, Prostitution,
Solicitation of Prostitution, Drug Possession, Illegal search and seizure
Possession for Sale, Child Endangerment, Marijuana Driving Under The
Influence, Felony Charges  including those offense involving potential jail
time and Three Strike cases.

Long Beach has received a brand new Courthouse.  Even though the area
will enjoy the benefits of a new building with all its amenities, the system
will still have people that may attempt to limit a person's Constitutional rights
and abuse power.  Criminal Lawyers like
Matthew see to it that all people
accused of a crime receive equal justice under the law.

Top Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Ruff has over 25
years experience protecting the rights of his clients on all charges brought by
the DA.  He puts his skills to work in order to achieve an acquittal or NOT
GUILTY on your case.
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