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Domestic Violence against anyone should not be tolerated.  However,
contrary to popular belief, many folks accused of domestic violence are
innocent, and have been charged, often wrongfully, with a crime they did
not commit. False accusations are often motivated by jealousy, vengeance,  
money, an advantage in a pending divorce, just to name a few.  As a result
of many societal pressures, those arrested for domestic violation of a
restraining order, child endangerment, among many others, are stigmatized
as criminals that are undeserving of any mercy.  Our lawyers act to level
the playing field by aggressively defending and seeking to dismiss
unfounded charges.

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Recent Case Victory
Matthew was hired by a client arrested for PC243e1 after he got into a fight
with his girlfriend in San Pedro.  The Police were called and she claimed he
punched her in the face during the argument.  He was arrested and retained
Matt.  Matt immediately put together a case to fight the charges.  The DA
would dismiss the case so Matt set the matter for trial.  At trial Matt
destroyed the credibility of the alleged victim and his client was found NOT
GUILTY of all charges.

There are few other criminal offense that are as vigorously prosecuted as
crimes of so called domestic violence.  The Long Beach District Attorneys
Office has a special unit that goes after allegations of domestic abuse and
the Judges that hear these matters are often sympathetic to the DA given
the nature of the offense.  It is for this reason that our Lawyers are equally
as vigorous in presenting a defense for our clients that appear in the Long
Beach Court facing these very inflammatory accusations.  Few realize that
the ramifications of a conviction for a domestic violence crime in Long
Beach carries harsh penalties an long lasting consequences.

A recent example of the type of case we present is that of the
People of the
State of California vs. Michael W.
, in that case our attorney, Matthew
Ruff defended a felony domestic violence case brought in Long Beach for
spousal abuse, criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon.  Mr. Ruff
launched an extremely creative defense for the client who was facing over
10 years in state prison.  Having picked the case up after the client was
disappointed in the public defender's representation, the lawyer would not
back down and take a plea bargain because he truly believed in the client's
innocence.  Due to his aggressive defense, the District Attorney backed
down and dismissed all charges after months of posturing.

In another recent domestic violence criminal case we handled Mr. Ruff
represented the accused in
People of the State of California vs. Tommy
.  In that case our client was arrested after a 911 call was placed by his
wife.  She believed that by calling the police they would come out and
resolve the argument they were having, turns out it only made the situation
worse.  She had to post bail in the amount of $50,000, money the family
did not have, and undergo the stress of criminal charges being filed against
her spouse.  In Court, the attorney fought the case until all charges were
dropped and the entire case was dismissed with prejudice.

It is extremely important to not delay consulting with an attorney following
a domestic violence arrest.  Early intervention by a
Long Beach Domestic
Violence Lawyer
can very often mean the difference between a favorable
quick disposition and one that may not end well.  A prime example of this is
the a recent case where our Law Firm was retained immediately after the
client was released from jail.  This gave the attorney an opportunity to
pursue a pre-filing resolution to the charges.  Because the client was a
teacher it was imperative to get the entire case dropped and this is what we
were able to accomplish.

No Criminal defense Lawyer fights harder to get your case dismissed than
attorney Matthew J. Ruff, in fact in the last year he has a near 90 percent
success rate in dismissing domestic violence charges in the Long Beach
Court.  Do
not risk your future by hiring a  Domestic Violence Lawyer who
lacks the experience and tenacity to get false charges dropped.

When you are in need of a criminal attorney who understands the impact
that a domestic violence charge will have on a person's future, you need a
lawyer who is willing to fight to the end to get all charges dropped.  Our
law firm defends false accusations in all Courts.  Whether it be a
Attorney, a Long Beach California Lawyer, or an advocate in any
Court, call our office for an immediate consultation regarding your specific

You cannot expect that the Court will take your side and see that justice is
done.  In fact, the statistics overwhelmingly show that most Judges will side
with the prosecution in a criminal domestic violence case.  Only a criminal
defense attorney will act as your advocate and defend your Constitutional
rights in Court.  Many accused people walk into the courtroom and get
blindsided by immediate protective orders and commands that the person
move out of his or her own home while the case is pending.  A Judge may
also order that the defendant in a DV case not have any contact with their
own children, even in cases where child abuse is not alleged in the criminal
complaint..  The bottom line is that most folks do not have a clue of how
the system will treat them.  Top Long Beach Domestic Violence Attorney
Matthew Ruff has the experience to get your case resolved favorably.

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